Our restaurant

Welcome to Good Food Republic at the NRE site, a delightful place to unwind right in the heart of Eindhoven. Whether you want to savor our delectable dishes on-site or take them home, the choice is yours.

Our restaurant is one you must seek out, explore, and it will undoubtedly surprise you. Situated next to a garage filled with classic cars, overlooking a charming square and various art studios, this creative environment in the NRE area offers a unique atmosphere to your dining experience. With an open structure, an open kitchen, and transparent garage doors, we seamlessly blend the indoors with the outdoors. During the summer months, all our garage doors stand wide open, welcoming you to a vast outdoor kitchen.

At Good Food Republic, we have a deep passion for both wholesome and indulgent food, ensuring that you don’t forget your guilty pleasures. We strive to make responsible choices in both our procurement and sales. Our menu features a wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes, and we make every effort to minimize plastic usage in our packaging. Additionally, we prioritize sourcing locally and organically:

  • Our high-quality coffee is sourced from SPROUT, a coffee roastery and our neighbor on the NRE site.
  • Our sweet treats, vegan, are supplied by Viola’s Patisserie.
  • Our organic buns come from Niels, a local baker.
  • We proudly serve organic, vegan wines from Europe and provide organic and fairtrade tea.

Join us at Good Food Republic to indulge in a diverse culinary experience while supporting responsible choices. We eagerly await your visit.