In our restaurant, conscious food choices and guilty pleasures come together in an enjoyable way. In addition to our meat burgers, we offer several vegan burger options. And with our other delicious vegetable dishes, we have meat and fish choices available. Except for our specials, it is also possible to enjoy our dishes at home.

Our specials that you can only enjoy in our restaurant are:
Lunch: The 12 O’Clock Special €12,50
Soup, 2 small organic buns, small salad
Afternoon: High Tea €24,50
small buns, soup, small salad, various types of sweets and an abundance of tea
Evening: 2-couse Tapas Menu €29.95
3-couse Tapas Menu €34.95
The High Tea and the Tapas Menu should be reserved in advance.

Some favorites include:
The Hungre Huckle €12,50
Two beef burgers topped with cheddar cheese sauce, crispy bacon, fresh tomato salsa, mixed salad and Berry’s burger sauce on a soft sesame bun
The Rib Off €13,50
A Flaquette topped with the juiciest pork, coleslaw, sweet, hot and smokey chipotle sauce, sweet marinated red onion and crunchy fried onions.
Pho Noodle Soup €14,95
delicious Vietnamese soup based on a mushroom broth with rice noodles, fried tofu, bok choy and nori peanut crumble
Salad Roasted Vegetables and falafel €14,95
Salad bowl with white rice, black lentils, vegetable pesto, iceberg lettuce, spinach, grilled Bell pepper and red onion, falafel, humus, harissa and pumpkin seeds
Burrito Picadillo €12,75
Spicy- sweet shredded beef & pork, Spinach, Jasmine Rice, pico de gallo, black turtle beans and cheese

You can view all other dishes here as well.