Food Concepts

Where Creativity Meets Healthy Eating

Huckle & Berry: A Burger Adventure

Get ready for a burger experience like no other at Huckle & Berry. It’s where we let our love for burgers shine through! Bursting with originality and a dash of cheekiness and our burgers are all about fresh ingredients and diverse flavors. From classic beef to chicken burgers, we’ve got it all. And for our vegetarian and vegan friends, we’ve got you covered too. Huckle & Berry is more than just a burger spot, it’s a celebration of taste. Dare to try?

GoTaco: A Taste of Mexico

Experience the heart of Mexican cuisine with GoTaco. Our years of perfecting delicious Mexican dishes have taught us the value of healthy, fresh ingredients. We craft each filling and sauce in our kitchen, bringing authentic Mexican soul food with a healthy twist right to your table. You’ can enjoy GoTaco alone and also with friends! It’s the perfect meal for any occasion.

Soupa Bowl: Nutritious and Delicious

Soupa Bowl is our answer to those craving a healthy, yet delicious meal. Specializing in soups and salads, this concept is a testament to our commitment to health and taste. With entirely organic vegetable stock and a range of pure, surprising flavors, Soupa Bowl offers meals that satisfy your hunger and also nourish your body.

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