Our story

At Good Food Republic, we love good and healthy food. We have been cooking for the guests in our restaurants for decades. During the Corona period we have decided to also focus on delivering good food. Good Food, fast service! So far, we have developed three concepts that we are proud of!

Huckle & Berry
This concept is a perfect outlet for our love of burgers and buns. Originality, a little cheekiness, fresh ingredients and flavours are the keywords. Lots of flavours! We provide something for everyone, beef, chicken, home-made fish burgers, but also vegetarian and vegan options. Huckle & Berry is ready to party; we are not just any burger restaurant! Try it if you dare!

Mexican cuisine has no secrets for us, and we have years of experience cooking delicious Mexican dishes. Here, too, we try to focus on healthy, nutritious and fresh food. All our fillings and sauces are carefully made in our own kitchen. Mexican soul food, with an occasional twist. GOTACO has ideal meals to enjoy at home. Alone or to share with friends.

Soupa Bowl
Soups and salads: they both fit in a bowl and are very healthy and delicious! That is why we decided to turn it into an excellent concept. All stocks are home-cooked, and the vegetable stock is entirely organic. The dishes are characterized by a variety of pure flavours and surprising combinations. This concept is ideal for anyone looking for a healthy, tasty meal.

We are also developing the following concepts:
Tutti Forno!
Mostly quiches and oven dishes

Fit food for you
Healthy balanced (sports) meals

Since the summer of 2022, Good Food Republic also has a physical location to visit at the NRE site in Eindhoven. Our own place where you can enjoy all dishes from our concepts or pick up your orders.
In addition, we also serve nice tastings in our restaurant, such as a Gin Tasting, a Beer Tasting with matching dishes and High Tea.

What motivates us at Good Food Republic is trying to make the best possible responsible choices with our purchases and sales.

That is why our menu has a large number of vegetarian and vegan dishes.
We avoid plastic as much as possible in our packaging.

That is why we buy locally and organically as much as possible.
Such as organic sandwiches from Het Wasven (care farm).
Beer and Gin from a small local craft brewery.
Sweet (also vegan) delicacies from Viola’s Patisserie.
Organic, vegan wines from Europe.
Organic & fairtrade coffee and tea

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about Good Food Republic, please feel free to email us at info@goodfoodrublic.nl